Aides-de-Camp (ADCs) to the Lieutenant Governor are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor. The Aide-de-Camp is an honourary, volunteer position.

Aides-de-Camp joined Their Honours at the 2019 Lieutenant Governor’s Garden Party.

The responsibilities of the ADC include:

  • Acting as a liaison officer and advisor between the Lieutenant Governor’s office and organizations.
  • Providing advice and assistance to the hosts of official functions on behalf of the Lieutenant Governor.
  • Ensuring that the correct level of protocol is adhered to at official functions.
  • Ensuring the Lieutenant Governor is fully briefed prior to an official function.

The appointment of an Aide-de-Camp is normally for the length of the Lieutenant Governor’s term in office. Transfers and personal commitments may alter this appointment.



  • LCdr. Alan Brown (Navy)
    Major Michael Crawford (Air Force)
  • Lt(N) Chantal Davis (Navy)
  • Lt. Col. Gail Dick (CLB)
  • Capt. Martha Gaultois (Army Reserves)
  • Major Joan Green (Sea Cadets)
  • LCdr. Craig Luedee (Navy)
  • Lt(N) Kerri MacPhee (Navy Cadets)
  • Col. Albert Pelley (CLB)
    Lt(N) Christopher Reid (Navy Cadets)
    Capt. Carl Squires (Air Force)
    Major Craig Stone (Air Force)
    Capt. Dustin Sutherland (RNR)
    Capt. Ross Tansley (Army)
  • Lt(N) Georgina White (Navy Cadets)
    Capt. Chris Wootton (Air Cadets)
    LCdr. Tony Young (Navy)


  • Cst. Howard Carey (RNC)
  • Supt. David Cook (RCMP)
  • Cpl. David Emberley (RCMP)
  • Cst. April Janes (RCMP)
  • Supt. Shawn O’Reilly (RNC)
  • Sgt. Major Doug Pack (RCMP)
  • Cst. Shawna Park (RNC)
  • Cst. Georgina Short (RNC)
  • Insp. Bruce Singer (RCMP)
  • Supt. Holly Turton (RCMP)
  • Insp. Sharon Warren (RNC)
    Supt. Derek Santosuosso (RCMP)


  • Linda Bidgood
  • Margot Brown
  • Janie Bussey
  • Christa Chaplin
  • Victoria Collins
  • Barbara Crann
  • Michelle Delaney
  • Heidi Foote
  • Major Joan Greene
  • Mary Ann Grimes
  • Paula Hayes
  • Nancy Healey
  • Cheryl Hickman
  • Carole Hillier
  • Julie Hooper
  • Elizabeth Horwood
  • Denise Koster
  • Raylene Mackey
  • Sheila Clements Miller
  • Karen Moores
  • Nancy Murphy
  • Margot Bruce-O’Connell
  • Gina Pecore
    Iris Petten
    Pam Rodgers
    Melissa Royle
    Sharon McKim Ryan
    Karen Skinner
    Gerlinde Van Driel
    Marjorie Welsh