Planning a Visit to Government House


Government House is located at 50 Military Road, St. John’s, NL

Parking is available.

Government House is fully accessible for persons with a disability.

Attending an Event at Government House

All invitations to ceremonies and receptions will indicate the host organization’s telephone number as the RSVP number.  The host organization is required to advise Government House of the total number of guests attending, and their names.

Receptions are intended primarily for social interaction.  Speeches or presentations usually occur at a ceremony beforehand.

Any specific requests to be made to the Lieutenant Governor and/or His Honour at functions in Government House should be channelled through an Aide-de-Camp.

Guests are expected to arrive prior to the scheduled start of a function at Government House.  Admittance is usually given to Government House 15 minutes beforehand.

Aides-de-Camp to the Lieutenant Governor will greet guests upon entering Government House and direct them as appropriate.  Guests having special needs or specific requests to make or wanting to take pictures should speak with an Aide-de-Camp. Government House is wheelchair accessible with wheelchair accessible washrooms. One wheelchair is available at Government House.

For formal events held in the Billiards Room, guests who arrive after ceremonies have started must remain in the waiting area until the ceremony is over before joining the group.

An Aide-de-Camp will check that all guests in the receiving line for a reception, including those who periodically visit Government House, have their names printed on a card exactly as they would like to be announced.  Guests will give the cards with their names to the announcing Aide-de-Camp and will be presented individually to the Lieutenant Governor and/or His Honour.

The Lieutenant Governor and/or His Honour will receive each guest and afterwards join all guests in the reception area. The Lieutenant Governor and Mr. Foote are addressed as Your Honour(s).

Guests are free to move throughout the reception rooms but should check with an Aide-de-Camp regarding access to other main floor areas of Government House. The upstairs and the lower level at Government House are not open to the public.

Receptions at Government House usually last for one hour. An Aide-de-Camp will show guests out at the end of a reception.

Guests are encouraged to sign the Guest Book in the front entrance when leaving Government House.

Guests invited by the Lieutenant Governor and/or His Honour to functions at Government House should respect the dress code specified on the invitation.

Guests for ceremonies and receptions should use the main doors, located on the north side of the building.

Visitors for the administrative office or deliveries should use the service entrance, located on the west end of the building.

Please note that security is present on the grounds of Government House 24 hours.  Unscheduled visitors, after normal working hours, must check with security at the security building, located to the west of Government House.